ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin documentationOpen times

Open times

Welcome to the tutorial on the open times.

To define open times, click new:

Name your defined open time, it can be whatever you choose. For example Lunch. If you are open multiple times a day, just create another time set, for example, Dinner.

I just wrote standard as the name. In order to add times, you have to click on the actions, which will bring up three options:

Edit will let you change the name while Delete will delete it. Settings are where you configure open times.

The settings

There will be two options that you can configure. The Time before reservation and the open times.

Time Before reservation

Here, you can specify the amount of time reservations should be taken in advance depending on the weekday.

Open Times

Here, you can set your restaurant's opening and closing times. You can specify a different set of opening and closing times for each day. So, if you have shortened open times during weekends, you can easily configure it here. If you are closed on a certain day, you just leave the field empty. Remember to use the 24-hour format in the time fields.

Sunday is empty, meaning the restaurant is closed. Other days are filled.

With the screenshot above, we left Sunday fields empty, which means that our restaurant is closed during that day. Note that the selection below is greyed out, meaning the user can’t select any dates that fall under a Sunday.

Sunday is greyed out.