Addons is a great addition to the main functions of the plugin. This way you can add exactly those additional functions that you and your restaurant need. On this page, you can take a closer look at all the addons that we offer.



MailChimp Add-on

The Mail Chimp Add-on is a great way to build a list of subscribers for your e-mails, reminders, coupons and birthday reminders as well! What better way to draw in that celebration business then reminding them it’s coming up in the first place? Mom’s birthday, Dad’s birthday, brother’s, sisters, aunts, uncles! Remind the every chance you get and pretty soon your restaurant will be their go to celebration spot for family birthdays, business meeting luncheons. You name it! Send regular promos out to repeat customers. Remind people of when their last visit was and ask them to return. Asking for the business is standard practice. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! The Mail Chimp Add-on sends your reservations to Mail Chimp on a weekly basis.



The Newsletter Plugin Add-on

The Newsletter plugin is another great alternative to MailChimp that helps you to build a list of subscribers for your e-mails. This add-on sends emails from reservations to the newsletter plugin, that is installed on your web page, on a weekly basis.




Prepayment Add-on

Do you offer a price fixed menu? Do you maintain a fixed price for parties, meetings, large reservations, based on number of people? Why not let those customers prepay? Maybe it’s a graduation luncheon, a business dinner or just a large party where Grandpa wants to gather the family, prepay the meal and not discuss it at the table as each son tries to take the check! Take the money now; provide the service when they are ready. This add-on integrates with WooCommerce, giving you the power to manage prices and discounts. You can connect any payment gateway easily to WooCommerce and collect money with every reservation. We offer aid to configure WooCommerce and the reservation module as needed. Do you have a custom logic for pre-payment, we can develop addon and configure WooCommerce according to your need.

Discount Add-on

So do you have a program of discounts for repeat holiday customers or for Tuesday lunch reservations? You do? Great! The Discount Add-on is here to help you manage that information reservation by reservation. Information is a daunting task. Why worry about tracking yet another portion of your business when you can employ the Discount Add-on to take charge of this task for you?

The Discount Add-on is flexible, smart and hard working! Plus…it’s never sick or distracted, so it doesn’t forget to add the information to the reservation. Let’s use the example above and say that ever reservation for lunch on Tuesday gets a discount of that’s not every customer, just the ones that make the reservation! As each reservation is made for that time period….the one that you have setup in your system, each reservation will be tagged with the discount and it will also be noted in the comments section of each reservation! Voila! Nothing more is necessary. No coupons to clip, track, staple or carry to the restaurant…less work for you because it’s all set up ahead of time. You know the details even if the customer forgets!





Facebook Add-on

With help of this addon people does not have to leave their Facebook application and can make a reservation just right there. You would need to add a menu in Facebook to your business page and your clients will be able to make a booking form Facebook. For demo open ReDi Restaurant Reservation page in Facebook and click on Reservations menu on the left side or click on this direct link for the demo: Facebook Demo Add-on

SMS Add-on

Does your establishment cater to the phone set? We’re talking about those people that go out to dinner, post online and talk back and forth…over the phone all while enjoying a superb meal at your restaurant. Let them post those photos! It can only expand your business. For those people we suggest you utilize our SMS Add-on. The cost is low to no cost! It all depends on your phone carrier. Unlimited messaging is a staple in many cell plans. We offer also integration with Twilio and BulkSMS where you can take control of the desired pricing option and control costs. Do you have any other partner that you want to use for sending SMS, please contact us and we add integration that suits your need.

*You must install the PushBullet App on any Android or iPhone device with a SIM Card. SMS pricing varies depending on your carrier plan.





SendInBlue Integration

The SendInBlue Add-on is another great way to build a list of subscribers. Every reservation detail is sent to SendInBlue subscription list, so you can take a control of your clients and start sending newsletters right away.

Table Management

Does your restaurant has a fixed number of tables and you want the system to check table availability instead of total number of seats? Then this addon if for you. With this addon you will be able to define every table you have and specify the minimum number of guests or maximum, that you want to allocate to this table. The system will make sure that for every group of guests there is a table.


Zapier Integration

With Zapier tool you can build automation for your internal processes. With this addon, we will setup reservation synchronization with your Google Calendar.