Prepayment Add-on

Let’s say your restaurant has a set pricing menu and/or a set pricing for parties, meetings, and big bookings that is depending on the number of people attending. Wouldn’t be much easier for you to allow such clients to pay in advance? Perhaps it's a graduation luncheon, a business dinner, or simply a huge gathering where Grandpa wants to collect the family, pay for the meal in advance, and avoid discussing it at the table while each son attempts to seize the check! Take the money now, and when they're ready, offer the service. This add-on connects with WooCommerce and gives you control over pricing and discounts. You can easily link WooCommerce to any payment system and collect money with each reservation. We can help you set up WooCommerce and the reservation module if you require it.

The information about ohter add-ons you can find on this page.