Waiter Dashboard

This dashboard is designed to be used by Waiters to see manage reservations, access list, create new, modify and print

What is on the page:

We also have video-tutorials on that topic:


Reservation list

Here you can see how the reservations received by the restaurant will look like.

Let's see one of the reservations in more detail.

The first thing that you see, looking at the received reservation, is the period of time for which it was made.
Next, you can see the number of guests on the reservation.
Then comes the name of the person who made the reservation.
Each reservation is automatically assigned a unique number, which is shown in this photo.
The last in the customer data is his phone number.

This is followed by the information that is assigned to the reservation by the restaurant.

Next, you can see if a specific table has been assigned to the reservation.
Then you see the “Arrived” field. Here you can note that the guest has arrived within 3 hours after the start of the reservation. Statistics will be automatically compiled based on this data. It can be used for some kind of marketing solutions, for example: send a message to a client “You haven't visited us for three months, come again! By showing this message, you will receive a 10% discount. "
This displays the prepayment entered by the customer.
You can also put different tags in the plugin. For example, you can tag regular customers or VIP guests. They will be represented by stripes of the selected color to the left of the reservation, as shown in the photo.
Also, tags can be changed right on the main page without going to the separate booking page.
Further, it is possible to see notes about a specific booking on the main page.


Everything that you see in the reservations on the main page is configured using the menu, you can read about this further in the corresponding section (Menu).


The "refresh" button refreshes the reservation page. By default, this page is automatically refreshed every 15 minutes.


Feedback & Support

The “Feedback & Support” button can be used by you if you have problems, or if you want to suggest ideas on the functionality of the plugin.


Also, there is a voting poll, where you can take part in voting.



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The menu can be found in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

In the menu, you can find 3 menu items: close menu, settings and print.



Now let's take a closer look at the filter system.

This is a classic search line where you can enter customer data to find the reservation you want. You can search by name, customer phone number, reservation number, it only works if the corresponding checkbox is ticked, this can be done in the settings section, as was shown in the previous section (menu).

Next, we see a filter by dates, and you can choose from the options provided,

or you can set a specific date:

In the next filter, you can specify the reservation in what period of time you want to see. For example, set the time from 10 am to 2 pm. It is important to note that the filter works by the start time of the reservation.

It is also possible to use a filter by tags. So, for example, you can quickly find your regular or VIP guests.