Seats by weekday

With help of that setting, you can set the available number of seats for a particular day. Let us show you how to do it.

Seats by Weekday

Setting this up is pretty straightforward. The Maximum available seat option is probably the most important. This is the maximum number of seats your restaurant can have at any given time.

So, if you set it to 10 and you set Monday by 12, see what happens:

You can't exceed the maximum number of available seats on any given day

Leaving the setting to default means that the day will use the value in Maximum available seats.

The following settings will be successfully saved as no day has exceeded the maximum available seats that we specified:

Sample settings

So, in this example, there will only be 4 available seats on Monday, 5 on Tuesday, and so on. If all seats are already reserved on a particular day, your form will display an error when someone else tries to reserve for that day:

This will be displayed when all available seats are filled.