Blocked times

On this page, we'll walk you step by step through each of the Blocked Times settings.

You have three choices when creating a blocked time.

Blocked Range

The blocked range allows you to define a start and end date. You can also choose whether you are closed the whole day during that date range or only within the selected time range.

The blocked range is for a continuous date range.

For a full day, it means that your restaurant will be closed for a whole day. But if you select a time range, then your restaurant is closed from the start date at your selected start time and will be opened again at the end date at your selected time.

There is also an option that allows your guest to stay in. Your reservation can start any time before the blocked time and the last reservation made can end even after the designated blocked time. However, even if there are still guests in your restaurant, new reservations during the designated blocked times won’t be accepted anymore.

Also, you can also block a certain number of places for a period of your choice. To do this, you will need to select the number of seats you want to block in the field named "blocked seats" from the dropdown menu.



So, if your renovation will take place from March 19, 2017, at 2 PM until March 26, 2017, at 1:30 PM, your settings will be:

Once you are satisfied, you can click add and you will be taken back to the Blocked Times home page, where you can manage other blocked times you have if any.

Blocked times home page with active blocked times

Blocked dates are colored yellow

You may have noticed the Action button on the right side. You can use it to edit or delete a certain blocked time.

Now let’s see what we just did in action.

The blocked date range is greyed out.

Multiple Blocking

Unlike blocked range, multiple blocking allows you to select scattered dates in the calendar. This is useful if you are closed during a certain date for holiday or for special reservations.

The date in yellow is the current day and the days marked in blue are the blocked days.

Like blocked range, you can choose for a full day or just a selected time range. Once you are satisfied, hit add and you’ll be taken back to the Blocked Times home page. But with the screenshot below, we were unable to add the dates because of the active blocked range we just did with the example above, so make sure that you don’t overlap your blocked dates.

The error message is shown when you try to overlap blocked times

Below are successful multiple blocked dates set in April, the next month.

Let’s see it in action:

Blocked dates are greyed out.

Blocked times

This function allows you to block certain times on one day.

To do that choose this specific date. Then you should click on every time that will be blocked for reservation. Also, please add the reason why the reservation is impossible at that time.







The system will automatically block those times on the reservation form: