Special Occasions

On this page, we will tell you about the feature of the Special occasion.

Special occasions are special events, this is a necessary feature to open a restaurant on some days on which it is normally not open. For example, usually, the restaurant is open Monday through Friday and closed on the weekend. However, there will be some holiday on Saturday and they decide to open on that particular day.

Let's look at how to create such a special event.



Here we add the date the restaurant is open, then the opening and closing times.

Then specify the reason for opening on that day and save it.


Last step is to save the changes by clicking on “add” button.
The special event has been added to this page.

With this function you can also override default opening times, for example, your restaurant is open from 10:00 - 14:00 and 18:00 - 22:00, but on one specific day you want to be open from 12:00 till 20:00, then if you create a special occasion, this day the opening time will be overridden.

The system perceives this as a priority setting and will output exactly that on the reservation form.