SMTP Settings

The SMTP settings is a function needed to be able to send emails, that were created in both Wordpress, and Waiter Dashboard through one email server, so that everything is sent out from the same e-mail.

In order to use these settings, you need to choose in Wordpress through which path the emails will be send.

If it is from reservation diary, all emails will go through our servers and our domain address.
If “from custom SMTP” is selected, all emails will be sent via whatever you can set in the Basic package settings.
“From wordpress E-Mail account”, emails will be sent from the email address set in your Wordpress settings, but only for bookings, that have been modified, or created via Wordpress. Those reservations, that were made through the Waiter dashboard will go by default through the Reservation diary.

Disable confirmation E-Mail” - this will disable all emails confirmation that is sent via email account connected to WordPress.

For the SMTP to work, you will need to choose second option: from custom SMTP.

Once this is done and saved you will go to the basic package settings and choose the SMTP section.

You will need to add requested information to the appropriate cells as it is shown later. You can find all settings in your hosting provider, and we will use Mailspons ( as an example to show.

Data you need to transfer to the SMTP settings in the plugin


Example of transferred data


After you save the settings, you will receive an automatic test message.