Setup SMS integration via Pushbullet

SMS Gateway Setup

You will need any Android or iPhone device that can make calls and send SMS messages, so SIM card should be inserted and phone should be active all the time.


Step 1: Install to mobile phone

Install PushBullet application from Google Play or from iTunes

Sign in using the Google or Facebook account.

Step 2: Setup API KEY

Sign it to Pushbullet web site with your Facebook or Google Account

Select Settings -> Account and then click on Create Access Token

Copy this value and send to

Step 3: Setup Encryption

Select Settings -> End To End Encryption and then click on Save button

Send this password to

Step 4: Setup Encryption (Step 2)

On your device run pushbullet application and open the settings menu.

From the setting menu select Encryption and type password there.

Step 5: Setup SMS text

From Basic Package, settings select SMS Templates in the menu. Select language and define SMS message as you need.

Setup call forward (Optional)

If you want to answer your clients from different than this phone, use standard phone network feature like Call Forwarding.

Step 6: Verify SMS messages are sent

In order to verify what messages were sent out, open standard Messages application on your phone, and you will find all sent messages there as if you type and send them yourself.