Discount Add-on

If you have a special discount program for your loyal customers or some Holiday rebate, this Addon was made for you.

The Discount Add-on may be able to assist you in managing such information on a reservation-by-reservation basis. Obtaining information is a difficult process. You no longer have to be concerned about forgetting to include the discount information in the reservation.
Let's say every Tuesday lunch reservation receives a 10% discount...that doesn't mean every client, only the ones who make the reservation! Each reservation will be tagged with the discount and it will also be highlighted in the comments area of each reservation when it is made for that time period....the one that you have specified in your system! Voila! Nothing else is required. There's no need to cut, monitor, staple, or bring coupons to the restaurant... Because everything is set up ahead of time, you will have less work to do.

The information about other add-ons you can find on this page.